Opening April 27, 2016!

Victor Herbert Renaissance Project Live presents:

The Serenade
America’s First Theatrical Masterpiece

8pm Wednesday & Thursday,
April 27 & 28, 2016


Victor Herbert’s wildly popular 1897 comic operetta, The Serenade, forever changed the landscape of American musical theater. Rarely heard, despite its historic popular success in the US and abroad, The Serenade returns to New York City in a semi-staged concert reading for a strictly limited two night engagement Wednesday April 27th and Thursday April 28th, 2016, at 8pm, in Christ and St Stephen’s Church, 120 West 69th Street in Manhattan.

Victor Herbert, arguably the most important theatrical composer of the early 20th century, championed the transformation of traditional Viennese operetta to the Americanized form of musical comedy. Herbert’s first major success, The Serenade is known for a song that sweeps the Spanish countryside, and a light-hearted storyline with a near-sighted guardian wooing the girl a youthful suitor wants to steal away. In its original form, The Serenade has not been performed in New York City, or on the East Coast in over a century!

In its continued mission to restore Herbert’s popularity among American audiences, Victor Herbert Renaissance Project Live presents The Serenade as the finale to its 2015/16 season. VHRP Live is the only company in the world devoted exclusively to Herbert. 20 resident artists comprise the company’s roster of exceptional talent including the voices of Brian Kilday, Vira Slywotzky, Bray Wilkins, Natalie Ballenger, Matthew Wages, Stephen Faulk, David Seatter, Glenn Seven Allen, Daniel Greenwood, and Katherine Corle.

Victor Herbert, an Irish born musician, composer and conductor is known as “the master of American melody.” VHRP Live’s 2015/16 season presents music and lyrics from comic operettas by Herbert to highlight his wicked and whimsical wit. Audiences are invited to “come smile ear to ear, and discover the lost art of the chuckle,” by hearing Herbert’s marvelously melodic songs (with tongue-in-cheek lyrics about amorous intrigues) from The Serenade’s comedic, unlikely plot including “Cupid And I,” “I Love Thee, I Adore Thee,” “The Singing Lesson,” “Gaze On This Face,” “Song of the Carbine,” “A Duke of High Degree,” “Woman Lovely Woman,” and more.

Music Director Michael Thomas conducts, William Hicks accompanies on piano, and Emily Cornelius choreographs. Original book and lyrics by Harry B. Smith, 2016 book adapted by Alyce Mott.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER TICKETS $10-$30 ONLINE BEFORE APRIL 26th or buy $10-$35 tickets for sale at the box office at 7:30pm on Wednesday April 27th and Thursday April 28th, 2016, at 8pm, in Christ and St Stephen’s Church, 120 West 69th Street, New York City.





8pm Wednesday & Thursday,
March 9 & 10, 2016

Our soprano coloratura reigns supreme with vocal fire power — and while the bass cajoles romance from you, the stalwart tenor learns what’s in store from our mysterious fortune-telling, ballet dancer who may be an heiress (Shhh!) to a fortune of her own!

Come smile ear to ear, maybe chuckle (and even #LOL along with us 🙂 when you hear gorgeous songs with tongue-in-cheek lyrics about amorous intrigues and devious plots in Herbert’s 1898 smash hit, THE FORTUNE TELLER, including “Hungarian Hussars,” “Always Do As People Say You Should,” “Ho! Ye Townsmen!,” “Romany Life,” “The Power of the Human Eye,” “Ding Dong, “Gypsy Love Song,” and more! The score is shortened, yet the music is exactly as Herbert composed it!

MEET THE CAST! VHRP LIVE!’s presentation of The Fortune Teller will feature coloratura Sarah Caldwell Smith in the Nielsen role of Irma/Musette/Fedor. The new libretto will keep you guessing as to her true identity. The cast is rounded out with Mitchell Roe as Ladislas, David Seatter as Fresco, Daniel Greenwood as the Count, Matthew Wages as Sandor, and Vira Slywotzky as Madame Pompon. VHRP LIVE! performs this comic operetta with a company of 12 voices in all — including those of Katherine Corle, Chelsea Friedlander, Angela Christine Smith, Drew Bolander, Jonathan Rohr and Bray Wilkins.




Angeline & Her Tattoed Man:
A New Concert of Comical Songs from Victor Herbert

8pm Wednesday & Thursday,
November 18 & 19, 2015

A comical concert showcasing Herbert’s humorous (and cheekiest) best! Victor Herbert is “the master of American melody.” What’s more? He was also wonderfully witty! That’s why “My Angeline” (aka the human snake) and her beau the “The Tattooed Man” (aka the human picture gallery) headlineD VHRP LIVE!’s billing for our 2015/16 Season. In November we brought you a concert of comical songs that collectively celebrate the hilarious humor at the heart of many Victor Herbert scores.



“Solid craftsmanship and real comic flair.
The 11 singers were well chosen with the requisite Herbert style down to their fingertips. Everyone was off book, and the evening was expertly staged and delightfully choreographed.”

HARRY FORBES, Forbes on Film and Footlights
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“Herbert’s music was played with a light, lively touch and the singers appeared to be having a grand time. And of course, the audience did as well. No one knows exactly what performances over a century ago looked like, yet everything about this production felt right, just the way we imagined it.”

MECHE KROOP, Voce di Meche
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“You might say: wow, the Americans are catching on! The announcement of the concert Angeline And Her Tattooed Man is easily the sexiest we’ve seen for such an undertaking in the USA in a very long time, certainly where Victor Herbert is concerned.”

OPERETTA RESEARCH CENTER, The #1 Archive for Musical Theater
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